Cheetah Enterprises OÜ is the holding company for the following businesses:

HPTurbo.Tech OÜ

European Distribution, Installation and Services for Micro Turbine operated power plants and CHP systems.

Planing, Installation and maintenance of building management system Loxone. Integrated heat & power management for new and existing buildings or industrial plants.

Solar PV-/ Solar- Systems installations integrated with CHP-Turbines, wind- & water-turbines, heatpumps, batteries etc. Installations of completely grid independent buildings.

Incorporated in Estonia in 2019 with branch offices in Germany and Switzerland/Liechtenstein. Holding 100%

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G2 Racing AG

European Racing Team and Racing Service Provider for high net worth individuals. Complete service range for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Renault RS 0.1. and Ligier. Race car maintenance, race care modifications, full on-track racing support, transportation & logistics, event organisation with hospitality infrastructure and multilingual customer support.

Incorporated in Switzerland in 2002. Holding 100%

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Avalon Diamonds OÜ

European distribution company for polished diamonds servicing jewellers and jewellery producers sourcing directly from Indian polishing companies.

Existing brand since 2009 of Avalon Corp. Liechtenstein. Indipendently incorporated in Estonia in 2018 with branch offices in Switzerland and Germany. Holding 100%

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Cheetah East Europe OÜ

Holding company for East European investments.

Holdings since 2006. Newly incorporated in Estonia since 2019. Holding 100%

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